A while ago I, Carlos Valencia, was going through my daily routine of checking my Spam folder for free Levitra, when I found an e-mail that would change my life. I’d been unexpectedly contacted¬† by a lady that had become infatuated with me at the first glance of one of my pictures. I didn’t know where she had found my picture but apparently it was love at first sight.

Unfortunately, she was stuck in west Africa, where she had gone to tend to her sick grandmother, and did not have enough money to fly back to the United States. Begrudgingly, she was forced to ask me for money.

This back-and-forth went on from April through August of 2010. This is our actual correspondence.

Warning. You may find this story objectionable if you find any of the following offensive: foul language, nudity, bestiality, homosexuals, transsexuals, masturbation, rape, menstruation, semen, money shots, baldness, scambaiting, 419 scams, cock rot, pussy farts, sex, urine, feces, sex involving urine and feces, oral sex, oral sex involving urine and feces, sex with inanimate objects, religious desecration, satanism, pedophilia, incest, AIDS, STD’s, sexism, ageism, Nigerians, Africans, domestic violence, penises, vaginas, breasts, dildos, scrotums, burn victims, drugs, alcohol, murder, abortion, human decomposition, bad grammar, racism, black people, or Taco Bell.

But otherwise, enjoy!

And this is how it started…. Part 1.


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