Sex, Drugs, and Comedy… not much sex though, or drugs… ok just Comedy.

Comedy Albums/CDs

If you would like to order a limited-edition signed copy of my new CD “A Temporary Solution To A Permanent Problem” let me know what name you want me to sign on the CD in the text field provided below. If you don’t want me to sign it that’s fine, just leave the space blank. I actually encourage you to get it signed by another more famous comedian than myself.

The CD includes on-CD and inside sleeve artwork, and a touching collage of angry people insulting me on social media. (Click here for a 3D preview)

$15.00 (Price includes shipping)

Name you want signed on CD:

If you have any trouble ordering please email carlosVcomedy[at]

The album is also available digitally on CD Baby, iTunes, and all of your other fine mom & pop digital music outlets.


You can also still purchase my first album “It Gets Worse” in digital form through iTunes, CD Baby, and every other place that peddles filthy comedian dick jokes.