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Tapeworm of the Vagina

I never fill out surveys/chain letters, but I think I’ve come up with one I can tolerate…

1. Do you like filling out surveys? No.


*Repost this or you’ll get tapeworm of the vagina. If you’re a male, you’ll get tapeworm of the vagina. If you’re a female you’ll get tapeworm of the vagina. Your children will probably get tapeworm of the vagina too. And your Grandma. Gramps will be OK. But how long do you think Gramps is gonna stick around surrounded by a family full of tapeworm of the vagina? He’s got his prostate to deal with, he can’t be bothered with all your needy decaying vaginas. His time is ticking away. He’s going to Vegas. If he’s gonna have to deal with diseased vaginas, they better be attached to some smoking hot hookers attached to some industrial size silicone balloons. Go Grampa, Go! Granted Grandma looked pretty bangin’ back in her day, remember how you checked out her bod when you thought she wasn’t looking? Don’t deny it. But you and Grampa know those times are long gone. The grandchildren were starting to look pretty cute too, but not cute enough to risk tapeworm of the vagina. Now they’ll never know the ecstasy of that sweet Grampa lovin. And why? All because of you. Best regards to your tapeworm.

(Originally Posted 6/23/07)