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I’m with Metzger.

I originally posted this on Facebook but it got taken down. Fortunately someone shared it before it was taken down and I was able to get a backup, so I’m now posting it on my website where it can be safe from the whims of the Facebook thought police:


About a week ago I started seeing posts from NYC comics talking about a comedian that had been banned from several venues for being a rapist, no not Bill Cosby. Pretty sure he’s still allowed at most venues, though maybe not at every bar.

I held back from commenting on the thing because I wanted to hear the full story first. Problem was I couldn’t find the full story anywhere. No accounts of the rape, no word from the victims, no criminal charges. I figured I just wasn’t connected enough to the NYC scene to find the full story, so I never said anything about it.

Cut to a week later, and it turns out the reality was there were no filed charges on this guy, and no actual full story. Apparently it was all just speculation based on the statements of one comedy venue, however that didn’t stop dozens of people from jumping on the hate bandwagon and demonizing the dude with no real proof of the accusations.

That’s not to say the guy isn’t a rapist, by now the process of character assassination has advanced to the point that I kinda hope he is, but I do think that when an accusation of that kind of gravity is being thrown around there should be a higher standard of veracity than an improv theater just saying it is so.

Soon after all this came to light, Kurt Metzger posted a hilarious, obviously satirical status that basically encapsulated the situation perfectly. It was brilliant. But of course as soon as the “Offendables” got wind of it, all the angry Feminist and humorless SJWs jumped on his case, pitchforks in hand, calling him a “rape apologist” and demonizing him like he was the rapist himself.

That’s why I think Metzger is arguably the ballsiest comic working today. He’s not famous enough to have achieved Louis CK/Bill Burr say-anything bulletproof status, yet he still sticks his neck out to call out bullshit and speaks his mind knowing that there could be serious consequences.

I catch a lot of shit for the stuff that I post, but I don’t have nearly as much to lose as this guy. He was a writer for the Amy Schumer show and any time he says something “controversial” he has the Feminist SJW Outrage Mob go full-bitchtard mode to call for his ouster from the show. The worst any of these mobs could do to me is call for a boycott of my already sparsely attended stand-up shows. If anything, I’d probably benefit from the controversy. Five protesters at my shows would in most cases double the audience.

Anyway, I’m assuming most of you know who he is, but if you don’t, look him up. In a comedy world increasingly dominated by milquetoast, generic stand-up, we need to support more people like him. He’s ballsy, crass, straight-forward, but most importantly fucking hilarious.