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Homo Milk

I bought milk once. It was homogenized, as most milk is these days. However, this particular brand of milk had a peculiar way of advertising the homogenization of its milk. They decided to print it on the milk gallon cap. The word “HOMOGENIZED”, of course, would not fit on the tiny cap, so they chose to abbreviate it by using only the first four letters. The result being the following:

so for a week and a half, every time I opened the refrigerator it felt like the milk was trying to start shit with me.

It makes me wonder if the people who produce this milk are really so naive or absent minded that they don’t realize the printing of “HOMO” on their cap may be interpreted in more than one way.

Or maybe they think whoever purchases the milk will accept the label for what it’s supposed to mean and not be so childish and immature as to make fun of it or go as far as writing a blog about it. As you can see, in my particular case, they could not have been more wrong.

(Originally Posted 1/30/07)