Sex, Drugs, and Comedy… not much sex though, or drugs… ok just Comedy.

A Poem.

I love you so much that if you told me you wanted the sky I would try to get it for you, but I would eventually realize that it’s not something I could actually give you since the sky isn’t an item that can be purchased. Even if it was, I imagine it would be extremely expensive and probably way out of my price range. The good news though is that you can still pretty much enjoy it for free.

And if you told me you wanted the mountains, I would explain that if I saved up enough money I could potentially purchase you one by buying all the land occupied by said mountain, but there’s no possible way to own them all. There are too many of them and some are in protected areas that are owned by the state, thus making them unavailable for private purchase.

And if you told me you wanted the sea, well at that point I would start questioning why you keep asking for such massive requests. I would likely start suspecting that the reason you want to own all these natural resources is so you can profit by taxing their use by other people thus giving you power and influence over aspects of world commerce, travel, and politics unprecedented in human history. I would be concerned for your mental well being and fear your insatiable appetite for power. I’m not saying I would break up with you, but I would start considering ending our relationship if you kept pressing your outlandish agenda of world domination.

The end.

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