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People Be Trippin’. When it snows.

740,000 people died the last time it snowed in Raleigh, NC.

People in the North be like: “Why those pussies in the South gotta shut down for a few inches of snow? We treat it like it’s any other day!”

People in the South be like: “Because we don’t have the infrastructure and tools to handle snowstorms with the same efficiency as it is handled in the north. Thus we deem it safer for people to stay indoors while we handle the clean up as best we can with our limited amount of resources, y’all.”

People in the North be like: “Well why don’t you get some more plow trucks then, dummies?”

People in the South be like: “Well because we do not get cold weather storms with the same frequency as you do in the north it would be a waste of resources to invest that much money, for example, on a giant fleet of plow trucks that will just remain parked inside a garage 99% of the year. Like in all municipalities our financial resources are limited and we must be conscientious to spend those resources on the services we believe will be most beneficial to our residents, y’all.”

People in the North be like: “Oh ok, so what you’re saying is it would be like a city that gets a lot of snowfall investing millions of dollars in fucking hurricane shelters when their area is not very prone to tropical storms?”

People in the South be like: “Correct. In that particular case the money would be better spent in plows or salt trucks, maybe snow-tires for emergency response vehicles, that sort of thing, y’all.”

People in the North be like: “Ok, I get it. You people still religious as shit and full of homophobes and racists though right?”

People in the South be like: “Oh Hell Yeah!”

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