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Skulls, Ipods, and Bombs OH MY!

Saw this on a conspiracy theory site in which they tried to claim that the two people pictured here are the actual Boston bombers. They use the skull logo on one of the guy’s hats as evidence that they are associated with some suspicious institutions.

"Hey man, you think anybody will suspect us of killing people if we wear an emblem that symbolizes death?"

I have my own questions about how everything went down in Boston, but this is about as silly as it gets. Who wears the emblem of the organization they’re supposed to be doing a covert operation for, while they’re actually doing the covert operation? Unless you work for Cobra Commander or the Foot Clan, I’m pretty sure most terror organizations don’t require you to wear the team logo while at work.

Besides, if you know anything about anything you know it’s the Punisher that we should really be investigating here.

Call me a conspiracy nut, but these two look suspicious to me.

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