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Women Are Funny, Just Not This One

I posted a joke earlier on Facebook/Twitter, and judging by the number of FB likes: 100+ (a high number for me), I think most people got it and enjoyed it. However, a lady on Twitter took offense because she thought I was saying women weren’t funny (I wasn’t). In her defense how was she supposed to know it was a joke? She’s only a stand-up comic and teaches a comedy class.

As a side note, complaining about a joke you didn’t get is probably not the best way of going about proving that you’re funny. Some would call that ironic. But what do I know, I’m not the stand-up comedy scholar.

However, I didn’t mention any of that to her. I would link you to the conversation, but she has since blocked me. I pretty much limited my comments to trying to explain to her that I just happen to enjoy more male comics than I do female, but that does not mean women are not funny. Some of my favorite comics are female.

I also told her I thought she was overreacting and doing more damage to her cause by being so oversensitive. If anything, all she’d achieve would be to reinforce a stereotype that women comics are weak, whiny, and must be treated with kid gloves. However, she kept badgering me calling me dumb, racist, sexist, and claiming I was slandering women.

Again, the irony of her slandering me by falsely accusing me of slandering women completely escaped her. In her defense, why should I expect her to understand irony? It’s not like it’s an Essential Tool of Every Reputable Comedian In The Entire World.

Anyway, this isn’t the first time I’ve been called names and normally this all would hardly be worth bringing up, but the reason I mention the whole thing is because of what she did after the argument was over. After calling me dumb, racist, sexist, telling me to “FUCK OFF” and blocking me (you know, the usual), she posted another status playing the woman as a victim card again and claiming she had been “calm & civil” while I was “attacking & insulting” her. Again, I can’t show the conversation since she blocked me, but I didn’t as much as swear at the woman, and if you know me you know I’m not shy about swearing.

What I can show though, is how she tried to cover her ass. Before posting how “calm and civil” she had been, she went back and deleted the comment where she told me to “FUCK OFF”. Fortunately, I am a master level screen capturer, meaning I have a finger and the ability to press the Print Screen button, and saved the comment before she could try to hide it:

Maybe I just need to read the definitions of "calm" and "civil" again.

There’s no shortage of sensitive people and/or cunts (both male And female) in the world and, like I said, most aren’t even worth addressing. All I’m saying is if you’re gonna be a bitch about shit then I think you should stand by your opinions. Don’t be some hypocritical coward that goes on an unprovoked diatribe and then tries to hide by pretending they’re a victim.

Fortunately, most of the female comics I know are strong and talented enough to not have to go start a shitstorm any time someone makes a gender joke. They can give as much as they get, and a lot of times can hit back twice as hard. If you’re funny and you believe in what you do, you don’t need to care about random people’s opinions. If you’re not funny however…

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