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My First Time Doing Stand-up Comedy

For years I’d been trying to pin down the date of when I first did stand-up comedy. I knew it was in early August of 2005, at a comedy competition called the Carnival Cruise Challenge in Charlotte, NC; but I could never get down to the exact date. It was about another two months before I got on stage again and started seriously doing stand-up on a regular basis, but officially, that day in August was my first time doing stand-up.

A few months ago while I was looking at old blogs to populate this one, I ended up running into a blog I kept for years before I started doing stand-up. And to my surprise I found an entry where I mentioned my first time doing comedy. Unfortunately, I stopped updating the blog pretty soon afterwards, so I’m not sure when I did stand-up again after that, but I was finally able to pin-point the date of my first ever stand-up performance.

The entry is kinda cheesy and embarrassing, but I’m gonna repost it anyway. Truth is, since then a lot of my comedy routines have gone on to prove far more embarrassing than anything I did pre-standup comedy, so I’ve got little to no shame left in me.

This particular entry is actually from Friday, August 12, 2005; but the “Tuesday” that I mention “was the best day of my life so far” was August 9, 2005. Thus six years ago today is when my career officially started, my apologies America.

P.S. Corny as it is, I’m pretty sure when I said “the best day of my life so far”, I meant it with sincerity at the time. If I were to say that now I’d need a life raft to keep me from drowning in the sarcasm.


Friday, 12 August 2005

“I’m starting to think Tuesday was the best day of my life so far. I went to see the finals of the contest on Wednesday and several of the judges and other comics said they really liked the set I did on Tuesday and that I should keep at it. Which I guess is what I’m going to do.

The winner of the contest ended up being this old guy who I thought wouldn’t even make it to the next round. Not because he wasn’t funny, he was actually the only guy who absolutely killed on audition day, but because his material was very twisted. The kind that many find disturbing, and since the winner of this contest goes on to perform at a cruise ship, they were looking for more family friendly comedians. Well he made it to the next round and once again slaughtered, this time in front of a crowded audience. He even got a standing ovation. On the second day, the audience picked the winner and of course this guy won. So the on-going joke was that everyone wanted to buy a ticket to the cruise just to see this guy tell those jokes in front of moms, dads, children and grandparents

The funny thing is that when I first saw him on audition day, waiting outside the venue, while we all waited to sign up and register, I kinda thought “who is this guy?” He looked about 70 and I thought he was gonna go up there and tell jokes about Andy Griffith and the Texaco Star Theater. But he ended up being like the old sensai karate master from the movies that looks like he can’t break a toothpick in half but ends up beating all the cocky young karate jocks to a pulp.”

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