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My Invaluable Contribution to David Letterman’s Legacy

I’ll tell you something about myself. I love David Letterman. I started watching his show in the early 90’s when I was around 10 and staying up till 12:30am was still unthinkable. So I would set my VCR to videotape his show after I was done watching the first half of Arsenio. Later on I would just stay up to watch Late Night, and then the Late Show when he moved. In retrospect I’m glad he didn’t get the Tonight Show because Letterman was too original to take over someone else’s show. He needed to start his own.

Last year I started watching old Late Night with David Letterman reruns on the now defunct Trio channel. It wasn’t hard to notice how much looser and free-flowing the show used to be. It had a lot more of an “anything goes” attitude. Often a Hollywood star would be followed by mr. nobody from down the street. Back then Letterman himself could go out on the street and do field pieces instead of having to send Biff or Rupert. Now the show seems more structured, more slick, more by-the-norm.

This is actually not meant to be a criticism of the current show, or a rant deriding the decline of a once great show. The show is still great and it’s still better and more cutting edge than 90% of shows on television today. It’s just an example of the successful alternative getting inevitably nudged towards the establishment. However, I think the one thing that has kept the Late Show from getting old, stale, and boringly bogged down in tradition is Dave. For as long as he is at the helm of the show, his integrity and his penchant for mocking all that is cliche will not allow him to let the show become the very same thing he mocks.

I don’t have television anymore so I don’t get to watch Dave as much as I’d like to, but I’m sure even though the show isn’t as unpredictable as it once used to be, it is still about 1000 times better than the middle-america, mediocre, carny show that is currently the Tonight Show.

What this is all driving to is the online Late Show Top Ten Contest and my participation in it. You don’t really think I’d write a whole blog that wasn’t in the end about me, do you? I’ve participated in this thing off and on for as long as I’ve had internet, which is going on ten years. They’ve picked my selections about six times. I have a Late Show collapsible cup, and two XL Late Show online t-shirts to show for it (I guess at some point they ran out of regular size tshirts to give away and were just sending out the excess extra large tshirts they had left over). The other times I won they weren’t giving out prizes.

It’d been about two years since I last participated in the contest. I stopped participating at the time because it became obvious to me there was a conspiracy going on against selecting my entries. Since of course they were far superior to the ones they selected. Some would say they get 10,000 entries every week and might not even have read mine, or that the other entries were actually funnier than mine, but of course we all know that’s nonsense spewed out by the jew-controlled liberal media. They knew who I was and were obviously black-listing me, always making sure Dave wouldn’t know.

Well two weeks ago I decided to put an end to my two-year hiatus and started sending entries once again. And guess what? I’ve been selected! I guess the power of my comedy was just too much for the naysayers and it overwhelmed the iron curtain blacklist until it crumbled in shame. Here are the results. Check out #4.

That’s right, Carlos V from Charlotte, NC, you know what the V stands for? Victorious. Yours truly, has been selected once again. And you know what, few things get me more excited than this. This is likely the closest I’ll ever get to being part of the greatness that is the Late Show, so please let me revel in my one moment of glory. I’d like to thank all the little people, and the tall people as well.

(Originally Posted 12/22/06)

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