My Friend,

I hope this message reaches you in good health.

I feel quite safe dealing with you having gone through your profile on the internet.

By way of introduction, I am Mr. Peter Kumitse, the Manager of Sahel-Sahara BSIC Bank (GH) Limited, North Industrial Area Branch, Accra-Ghana.

I request your assistance to claim/transfer the sum of (USD$36M) Thirty Six Million United States Dollars to any of your nominated bank account in a mutual benefit.

As you may know, the funds in question were deposited with my branch by late Mr. Bradford Woods, a Citizen of America who spent most of his adult life in the West African Sub-Region. He was by all standards a successful businessman and had financial dealings with top politicians in the West African Sub-Region, but due to some illegal financial dealings which came into the open, he was accused of money laundering and was detained by the law enforcement agency that investigates financial crimes here in the West African Sub-Region.

During the course of the investigation, the law enforcement agency discovered some huge amount of funds in his numerous bank accounts and confiscated all funds they discovered including his houses and all of his assets; this resulted to his death because of the shock. His wife, Mrs. Christine Woods, who was his legal beneficiary, died of heart attack three months after his death, thereby leaving no one behind to claim the said funds which fortunately were not discovered by the agency because the deposit was made confidential.

I have since then placed these funds on a suspense account without any beneficiary. Thus, I am contacting you to stand as the beneficiary of the funds to enable us claim/transfer the funds to your account. However, due to the very strict monetary laws imposed by the U.S Government on huge funds after the 11/09/2001 terrorist attack on New York/Washington, I wish to inform you that this transaction cloud be complicated if we don't handle it wisely/professionally. Thus, here are my plans to execute this transaction without any hitch:

We shall register a Gold Trading Company in your name here in Ghana and back date the company documents with my contact at the Registrar Generalís Office after which we shall open an account in the company's name which also will be the same name as your account name in your country and then move the funds to the company's account, this will make it look like you have been dealing in gold business for a while. Once this is done, we would not have any problems in claiming/transferring the funds to your nominated foreign account.

Having completed the above process, I shall then present you to my bank board as the beneficiary to these funds after which the necessary funds transfer approval will be issued in your favor and the funds will be successfully transferred to any of your nominated foreign account with the understanding that we share the funds on a ration of 50% apiece.

You have no reason to fear of any hitch, I have thought carefully about this transaction and I can confidently say that there is no risk or undue hitches regarding actualization of this transaction, but you must handle this information wisely by keeping it only to yourself until the funds are successfully transferred to any of your nominated account.

Having read and understood this process and you agree to work with me; please quickly get back to me in complete confidence for further details of proceeding.

Please let me have your opinion as soon as possible.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Peter Kumitse,
Branch Manager,
BSIC Bank (GH) Ltd.
No. 65 Otublohum Street,
North Industrial Area Branch,
Accra - Ghana, West Africa
Telephone: +233-26-846-7002
Fax: +233-26-846-7004