Part 28. The End.

Unfortunately folks, I’m afraid that’s how it ends. With a whimper. After the exchange in Part 27 I stopped getting replies from Theresa and her lawyer. I have tried to contact her several times but it has all been for naught. Today is the four year anniversary of our last conversation, and I’m afraid I can’t hold on any longer. I must move on.

My best guess is the monkey AIDS finally got her, and if not that then the Ebola is sure to have ravaged her diseased body. Part of me hopes that her monkey AIDS was so strong it actually overpowered and killed the Ebola, but that is but a pipe dream.

You’ll always be a part of me, Theresa. Every time my vagina falls out and I have to duck tape it back on to my crotch I will reminisce about those glorious days when we dreamt of what could have been. Some day we will be together again, in Ebola monkey AIDS heaven, my little bloody turd polyp.

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One Response to Part 28. The End.

  1. Tinkerer Tink says:

    :'( I always know how these things will end but still, it always bring back memories of my own Nigerian Princess. Only $500 and I could have been a Nigerian Prince. One offered to send her brother to me to raise as my son; a demented soul!! WEEP!!! Maybe next time my friend, maybe next time!!!

    Next time, maybe you can talk to Reverend Love Joy. He helps a lot of Nigerian women!! WEEP!!

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