Okay, so as I expected, my future wife found my picture irresistible and emailed me back.

Unfortunately, it seems like her return to the United States from west Africa won’t be as smooth as I had hoped…

“I will get back to Wiscosin as soon i get to pay my agent my flight money okay,,,,,All i need now is $350 Okay,,,,,An i will love to meet you soon,,,,,Cox am with my gram mother Bcox is sick but now she better now i will love to get back to US but no money with me here,,,,,,how old are you,,,,,am single an honest an caring woman okay,,,,”

Unfortunately, I still don’t have her address or a banking account to wire her money to, so I tried suggesting some other ways she might be able to raise the money…

“damn, it’s too bad your grandma didn’t croak, you might coulda scored some inheritance money to pay your plane ticket back to the States. My grandma died a couple of years ago trying to rape a rabid raccoon on meth, and left me $500. Well she didn’t as much leave it to me as much as she passed away before I could score her more meth. So I figured I’d keep the money. I’m sure it’s what she would’ve wanted. I can’t believe your grandma had the nerve to make you go all the way to Africa cause she was sick and then didn’t even have the decency to die, what a whore. That sucks cox!

Speaking of cox. I’m 37 but I’m hung like an 8 year old. That’s why I’m glad to hear you’re an caring woman okay. It’s been my experience that women that am single an honest an caring have the tightest snatches. I keep having to earbang chicks just to get any friction. Okay.

What country in Africa are you in? Do you have a job? Have you considered lion taming? Okay?

I won a trip to a donkey show in Tijuana at last year’s church fundraiser and that donkey show lady was making bank! I don’t know if you have donkeys in Africa though. How about wildebeest shows?! You may think I’m just being flattering to romance you, but you’re so beautiful I’d pay anything to see you get it on with a wildebeest. Call me Lothario, but I’m sure I’m not the only one. If you starred in your own wildebeest show you’d make the money to get back to Wisconsin in no time! Man, just thinking about it I can feel my two inches engorging with lust! You have so many wildebeest in Africa you could probably get a really good looking one too. Don’t get one better looking than me though! LOL! Just Kidding! …seriously, don’t.

Can’t wait to cum in your earhole!”

Willy the randy Wildebeest

"Come hither..."

(Originally Posted April 11, 2010)

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