So I heard back from my future wife!

“Okay can you tell me little about your self an where you from,,,,,How old are you okay tell me about your family right i will be waiting for you okay take good care of your self for me okay,,,”

But that’s not all. Right after that email she sent me pictures!

“Hello how are you doing today,,,,,,,this is my picture okay you can send me your picture too so that i can see you okay,,,,,,,,Tell me where are you from,,,,”

My future wife

My future wife

As you can see, she’s pretty hot, so I’m trying to unleash all my mack daddy skillz to their full potential in order to seal this deal. An opportunity like this may never come again. So I got back to her as soon as I could and sent her my picture along with this reply:

Her Future Husband

Her Future Husband.

“okay, I’m doing GREAT after seeing those pictures!! It’s been a while since I’ve been with a woman that shaves her mustache AND her chest, okay. Okay, I’m from the USA, you gotta tell me, okay, when you’re coming back to Wisconsin,Girl! You’re smokin! Okay, I’m sending you a pic. If you loved my face you’re gonna LOV my Bod!

As you can see, I like working out, okay. Okay, I like playing my guitars and pointing my gun at my Peen. Or as I like to call it The Danger Zone! Don’t be intimidated by all my guns, okay, the real firepower is inside my panties! If you’re a good girl I might show you some time! LOL! I was just kidding-I’ll show you regardless. Please…

okay, hope to hear back, okay, from you soon, okay!

oh yeah, and my family is dead.

can’t wait to bang you up the butthole! okay!”

(Originally Posted April 10, 2010)

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