PART 20.

When we last left off I was asking Theresa to tell her dad’s lawyer to hit me up. I tried to explain to her that her dad’s lawyer’s name wasn’t “Bella Cody” but “Sam Larry Cole”. More importantly though I had asked her for some naked pictures.

She obviously did not pay much attention on either count:

“That is where you are going to send the money to the lawyer Okay,,,,,,You can mail the lawyer he will tell you Okay,,,,,i really love you so much more honey”

“honey here is the lawyer address Okay,,,, You can send him any money you wanna give him there Okay,,,,,

Name,,,,,,,,Bella Cody

Address,,,,,,,,Blk 4 santos layout





My Reply:

“I emailed the lawyer, but where are my naked pictures, yo? I thought you loved me. Everyone knows if you really love someone you should send them naked pictures and let them bang you in the butt. Alright, alright, maybe I’m being a little selfish. Here, I’ll send you a picture with this email. This oughtta get you motivated ;)”

Me and My Guns

That's actually not my package. I got so excited taking this pic that I pooted a little in my panties.

I figured if sending her a pic of my semi-naked body loaded with firepower wouldn’t get her to send me naked pictures, nothing would!

and it worked:

“Honey you are looking good in the picture Okay,,,,,,,i really love you so much more Okay,,,,,Honey that is my pics there Okay”

My guess is she's working on her uneven bars routine in preparation for the Olympic try-outs.

It's a little known fact that the most hygenic way to go down a slide is with your genitals exposed.

She could be checking for cervical cancer in this one.

Fortunately, though her illness seems to be slowly rotting her mind away, it has pretty much left her body intact. She’s looking as hot as ever!

“hey pussybreath, those pics are awesome! I was afraid your illness was keeping you indoors. It looks like you’re pretty healthy and having a blast. I especially liked the third picture. I love masturbating at picnics too! Soulmates! I remember my parents hated it when I would jerk off on the crackers. Especially when they didn’t find out till we were already eating them.

I still spank it at the park, but I have to be more careful. After the last time I got arrested, I had to start hiding behind a row of bushes beside the teeter-totters. It’s cool though cause I still get a pretty good view of the childrens. Sometimes when I’m drunk enough and I get the nerve up to spit some game I invite them over to visit my “special secret place”. I used to say I wanted to show them my “love brush”, but they tend to like “special secret place” better. They tend to keep quieter about it too when you tell them it’s a “secret”. Speaking of which, I really need to pick up all the Snickers wrappers from out of there. Insects start to go after the left over candy and next thing I know I have an antfarm on my balls. Kids today don’t think twice about littering. There’s just no sense of decency left in this world.

I was surprised to see Nigeria had such a liberal public masturbation policy. Maybe I should move There instead! LOLz! J/K I’m still allergic to black people. I’m glad you had fun though. I can’t wait till we can both go to the park and expose our buttholes on the monkeybars together!

Hey, I really need to talk to your lawyer, by the way. Tell him I need him to email me ASAP. It’s about the Money. I need to send him some money, and if he doesn’t get back to me I can’t send him the money. Tell him I REALLY need his advice about the Money. Cause the money is turning redder, and purpler, and blacker every day. And if he doesn’t give me some advice about the Money soon, I’m afraid the Money might fall off. Tell him lately the Money’s pee is not looking pretty either.

Talk to you soon, fungusface!”

(Originally posted June 1, 2010)

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