PART 19.

After not hearing from Theresa for over a week I ended up sending her this email:

“hey did you get the $200 I sent??”

Her reply:

“Honey i don’t get any money where is the MTCN my love??

hello honey how are you doing today am really worried here my lovce i think you have anther woman there with you that is why am worried Okay did you mail the lawyer now my love what did he say my love

send the money i say it Okay”

My reply:

“oops, sorry the email about the $200 was meant for Dr. Rahmani. My Bad!

You wouldn’t believe how complicated it can be to get cash out of Burkina Faso. I keep having to send him more and more money. Is there any chance you can pick up the money for me there? It’d make things SO much easier. Do you have Hertz? Do you even have cars? Maybe you can rent an elephant to get you there. Once you get the money you can just buy a plane ticket and fly back to the United States from Burkina Faso. I don’t know if they have airplanes there though. Even if they do you’d probably have to give the pilot gas money. By that point you’ll have $2 million to spare though, you could buy your own plane! LOL! J/K!!! Don’t. That would be a big waste of money. Seriously, don’t do it. Don’t make me cock the slap hand.

Speaking of laying down the slap, what do you mean you think I have another woman?? I hope you’re not referring to my aunt. We haven’t had sex in years! Besides she’s knocked up and I don’t mess with pregnant chicks. I’m always afraid I might end up knocking up the fetus. Even if it’s a boy I’m afraid when he sees my penis I’ll turn him into a gay. It’s a no win situation. In any case, buttnugget, you know you’re the only one for me! I couldn’t ask for another! Dig? The chills that you spill up my back keep me filled with satisfaction when we’re done. Satisfaction of what’s to come. Your groove I do deeply dig. No walls only the bridge. My supper dish, my succotash wish. No, I couldn’t ask for another.

I did email the lawyer. I needed his address to send him the money but he never wrote me back so I ended up having to send the money to Dr. Rahmani instead. So now I’m gonna have to start saving up again. The good news is that they opened a Huge truckstop about a mile down the interstate and my sucking dick business is BOOMING. Those truckers can’t get enough. Just last week I made almost $350.73, and that’s just from sucking dick! Imagine what I can make once I get back to fuckin…that reminds me, I really need to talk to the lawyer. So if you see him, tell him to hit me up as soon as he can.

I gotta go pee now, pussy ulcer. SATAN willing we’ll be together soon and my pees will all belong to you.

PS. I need some new naked pics. The print-outs I made from the old pictures have so much jizz on them I can barely tell it’s you underneath the man goo. The paper is starting to get all faded and crusty. So, I’m thinking if I’m gonna have to go to the library to print out more pictures, they might as well be some new ones.”

I didn’t hear back from the laywer, but Theresa did send me this address:

“Honey here is the lawyer Address so that you can send him some money,,,,,honey please i want you to let me know how much you send to him Okay,,,,,,

Name,,,,,,,,Bella Cody

Address,,,,,,,,Blk 4 santos layout





Bella Cody, though a lovely name, is not the name of her father’s lawyer – Mr. Sam Larry Cole Okay. Theresa can be such a dope sometimes. I think the AIDS is getting to her brain. It’s a good thing I caught this mistake otherwise I might’ve ended up sending the money to the wrong place:

“oh malignant tumor eating at my soul, I think you sent me the wrong address. The lawyer’s name is Sam Larry Cole, not Bella Cody. If you see him tell him to email me. I really need to hear from him. Tell him I need to talk about the “volcano on the manbeam”. He’ll know what I’m talking about.”

I’m really hoping the lawyer hits me back up again soon. Not only because he can give me his correct address, but also because I really need to talk to him about my wang “condition”, as explained in Part 17. My crotch keeps getting worse and I really need his expertly advice.

And this is how gays are born.

(Originally Posted May 27, 2010)

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One Response to PART 19.

  1. Trace says:

    I truly love this blog, and can only dream of a day when such a deeply caring man might refer to me as the malignant tumor eating his soul, Theresa was one lucky lady!

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