Sex, Drugs, and Comedy… not much sex though, or drugs… ok just Comedy.

Comedians & Friends

Joe Zimmerman. My oldest stand-up comedy partner in crime, and my most mortal of enemies.

Matt Davis. Gatekeeper to the American Nightmare.

Paul Hooper. He once gifted me a headshot and a vibrator. He’s with me everywhere I go.

Mike Storck. I taped him walking through a parking lot naked. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Tony Boswell. Like you, but funny.

Jarrod Harris. He poos in a bucket.

Chad Riden. Yell “FREEBIRD!” at him when you see him. Seriously, I love that bit.

Tim Kidd. Likely the man I’ve shared the most hotel rooms with in my entire life. Yes Homo.

Doug Stanhope. It’s kinda weird when you meet your favorite comedian and start considering him a friend. At least that’s what Doug tells me.

Junior Stopka. My Big Stink Comedy Tour partner and the funniest giant Polack I’ve ever met.

The Beards of Comedy. Dave Stone, Andy Sandford, TJ Young, & Joe Zimmerman. This is a conglomerate of progressive comedians from progressive towns in Georgia (Atlanta, Athens) whom the aforementioned Joe Zimmerman infiltrated by claiming he was from progressive Asheville, NC. Don’t let him fool you, we were both christened in stand-up at the same dark asshole of comedy – Charlotte, NC.