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My Invaluable Contribution to David Letterman’s Legacy

I’ll tell you something about myself. I love David Letterman. I started watching his show in the early 90’s when I was around 10 and staying up till 12:30am was still unthinkable. So I would set my VCR to videotape his show after I was done watching the first half of Arsenio. Later on I would just stay up to watch Late Night, and then the Late Show when he moved. In retrospect I’m glad he didn’t get the Tonight Show because Letterman was too original to take over someone else’s show. He needed to start his own.

Last year I started watching old Late Night with David Letterman reruns on the now defunct Trio channel. It wasn’t hard to notice how much looser and free-flowing the show used to be. It had a lot more of an “anything goes” attitude. Often a Hollywood star would be followed by mr. nobody from down the street. Back then Letterman himself could go out on the street and do field pieces instead of having to send Biff or Rupert. Now the show seems more structured, more slick, more by-the-norm. (more…)