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Marketing: “Carlos V” Chocolate Candy Bars

If I’ve learned anything about comedy is that if you want to be the funniest comic in the world you have to put your name on stuff.

And so I bring you the Carlos V candy bar…

The good folks at Nestlé® and I have teamed up to make the most hilariously delicious chocolate bar in the world, as you can tell from the smiling face on the cover.

Who is this handsome man on the cover that can’t help but laugh at the hilariousness of my chocolate bar? Well it’s me, of course! The drawing is based on an old portrait of mine back in the days when I sported long hair and a beard…and a crown…and kingly fur coats…this was back in the 70’s.

Anyway kids, make sure to go to your local retailer and stock up on Carlos V chocolate bars! and by ‘local retailer’ I mean Me. I’ll be selling these after my shows for $35 a piece.

[Special thanks to Josh Goguen]

(Originally Posted 4/15/08)