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You say "Please" after you tell them to "Stop being so fucking dumb"


If by "play Liz Taylor" you mean "be a dead actress", then I'd guess Yes.


I don't know. Give me a minute. I'll google it.


My Date with Lindsay Lohan

Before any rumors get started, I just wanted to say Lindsay just happened to be very sleepy that night. I’m neither trying to punch her then, nor did I punch her in the face previous to the taking of this picture.

Also I want to make clear Lindsay and I are only friends. With Paris gone for a while, I found myself one skinny drunken whore short to party with, and Lindsay has filled Paris’ gap very well….hey! I’m sure this isn’t the first time Paris’ gap has gotten filled, ifyouknowwhatImean! Like the gap between her legs, I mean…cause it’s always getting filled with a penis…cause she’s a whore is what I’m saying. Get it!

(Originally Posted 6/6/07)