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“On This Day”

Facebook has a feature called “On This Day” where they like to bring up statuses you posted years ago on that same date. Not sure what the purpose of it is other than to remind you how your life used to be better; or worse, how it’s never been good at all. Usually I find them annoying but I was actually glad they reminded me of this particular one because I think it’s somewhat relevant to the state of comedy today. The post in question is the following picture with the caption “You think this dude might be an Earnhardt fan?”

The reason I remember this post is because of the level of butthurt it created among some people that thought I was making fun of autistic people. One of them, a person named Christopher was actually making fun of this person, then realized the person was autistic, and started bashing me for making fun of autistic people. You can’t see his comments now though because he deleted them to cover up for his hypocrisy. Granted I could’ve tried to defuse the situation by explaining how I wasn’t making fun of the man’s condition and rather just making a sarcastic remark about the level of thoroughness of his Dale Earnhardt support, but when someone accuses me of being offensive when I’m not trying to be, often my first reaction is to double-down, rev up asshole mode, and give them a real reason to be angry. Not the most diplomatic way of going about things, I will admit.

Some comments you can still see though are actually from a comic, Nate Abshire, who took it upon himself to be a self-righteous cunt, and leave patronizing replies. Apparently he judged me to be “punching down” to borrow an incredibly condescending term the SJWs love to use these days. As much as I dislike people that try to anoint themselves the arbiters of what is and isn’t reproachable in comedy, I have absolutely zero patience for comics that do the same. Leaving aside the fact that he completely missed the point, as a comic you should understand that nothing and no one is beyond being joked about. This was three years ago, and the cuntiness has not only gotten worse, but there’s even more “comics” promoting it today. If you ever find me becoming one of them, please, I beg you, shoot me in the head. I’d rather be a dead comedian, than a living cunt.

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