Sex, Drugs, and Comedy… not much sex though, or drugs… ok just Comedy.

It Gets Worse – Clean Version.

It’s no secret that the easiest path to making money as a comedian in America is to tailor your material to appeal to the largest group of people possible, which often means being extremely careful to not hurt anybody’s sensibilities, or risk pissing people off. I’ve never been that kind of comic, but now that my album is out I’ve been getting a lot of pressure from my agents, managers, accountants, publicists, body guards, consiglieres, personal trainers, pastors, and wives, to increase my audience by releasing an edited “Family Friendly” version of my album. I rejected their requests for as long as I could, but sadly I finally had to give in.

However, I can not in good conscious bring myself to charge anybody money for a watered down version of my comedy, so I’m releasing the edited version for free on my YouTube channel. So here it is, get grandma and the kids together, gather round the old desktop, and give it a good family listen:


Or if you’re not a pussy and you can listen to dark comedy that has swear words in it because your mind has actually matured beyond the mentality of a child, then just get a copy of the uncensored version:

CD Baby:



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