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Joke Stealing. It can happen to you! Part 2. Conclusion.

(For Part 1 click here: Joke Stealing. It can happen to you!)

Greg Brown admitted to his plagiarism yesterday on my FB page and apologized while recusing himself from the Asheville festival. That’s enough for me. As far as I’m concerned the matter is settled and hopefully this will be the last time I have to bring it up.

Thanks to everybody who shared the video and hit me up with support through Facebook, Twitter, text, phone, etc. I appreciate it immensely and love you all. The great majority of responses I got were positive, but as with anything that spreads to a certain scale of reach, there was a contingent of negativity that also came my way. I was expecting it and I’m not bothered by most of it since a lot of it is coming from irrelevant cunts that have never come close to trying to create something original in their lives and thus can’t understand the importance of artistic integrity. You might as well be discussing the intricacies of particle physics with these hoopleheads.

The only negativity that truly bothers me is the one that emanates from self-proclaimed “comedians”. I’ve said this before about heckler apologists. If you find yourself taking the side of hecklers you might want to reconsider calling yourself a “comedian” and perhaps adopting a more appropriate label like “Benedict Arnold”. I feel the same way, if not more so, about plagiarism apologists. One such “comedian”, whose response to my video was to call me a hack goes by the name of Jim Choquette. He goes by Jimsfunny on Facebook, so you know he’s good. Not being one to back out from a good fight I was considering taking him to task. But then I saw his sole YouTube video which he apparently recorded in what looks to be his grandmother’s basement, and I realized I couldn’t do a better job of humiliating him than he had already done himself. I’m biased though so if you watch it and think it’s as cutting edge as he seems to think it is his number is 813.789.0409 (it’s on the video, I’m not sure if that’s his cell or mom’s landline). If nothing else you can help him get the video to at least 70 views. Or if you want to check out some genius weekly material about how many people have followed and unfollowed him just visit his twitter page:

If anybody still doesn’t understand why it’s important to try to salvage the integrity of creative works I would suggest you read this article by Leonard Pitts Jr. He explains it way better than I can, so well in fact that I almost stole it (thanks to my friend Dorinda for the heads-up on this one): “Letter to a word thief”

Alright, that’s it. If you’ll excuse me, I will now recommence the process of posting comedy again. I feel like I’ve been neglecting all the other hundreds of starving joke thieves around the country that depend on the work of guys like us for their subsistence.
UPDATE: After I posted this on my Facebook page, ole Jimbo reported it to Facebook and got it deleted. He also deleted his post where he called me a hack after it started backfiring on him. So turns out he’s not only a cunt but also a coward. I will give Greg Brown credit, he could’ve tried to get my initial posts deleted as well, but at least he fessed up and faced the accusations with some courage.

Fortunately, unless Jim can convince Facebook to buy the entire internet, his cowardly cuntiness will live forever on my webpage.


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