Sex, Drugs, and Comedy… not much sex though, or drugs… ok just Comedy. Headlines. 2/17/12

They just mean the one in the lobby. It’s going to get water two times a day now. Which is twice as much as the workers in the manufacturing plant get. Apple can afford to do this by watering the plants with the recycled sweat and tears of their exploited Chinese employees.

Of course they back santorum. Santorum = anal sex = less pregnancies = less abortions.

He must've killed 6'000,001

I don’t know what this guy did but it must’ve been pretty bad. I heard of a German leader once that killed like 6 million jews, and the guy stayed in power for Years.


Beyond bare breasts? What could there possibly be beyond bare breasts?? This is like the pervert version of going faster than the speed of light. I’m there dude.

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