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Let Satan Into Your Soul

I found this image kinda scary, so I took a picture of it.

It’s frightening for several reasons. Look at the woman’s pasty white skin, a tell-tale sign of the undead. Look at her hair and her choice of clothing. What woman in her right mind would wear her hair like that? This “person” is obviously trying to impersonate a human being, or what they believe a human being should look like. But their lack of experience among the living prohibits them from doing it effectively. For all we know this so-called “woman” could very well be a man.

Now look at the child. You can tell there is fear in her. She can’t fall asleep. It’s bedtime, but she doesn’t dare close her eyes. God knows what will happen if she slides out of consciousness. Who could sleep with the spooky gaze of their undead “mother” over  them. Why do you think she’s holding on to that bear/dog doll as she is? In her mind she’s begging it to protect her.

And we haven’t even spoken about the “caress” of her hand over the child’s head. More than a touch of endearment it looks like the gauging of a feast. This isn’t the kind patting of a child to sleep, it’s the steadying before the strike, the hunter locking sites on its victim. And lest we forget the left hand, I can’t claim this with complete certainty due to the picture quality, but it very much looks like to me that she is readying the murder weapon. The strangling wire that will be the child’s undoing.

So where did I find this macabre and sinister scene? At the Goodwill store, of course. The above picture was on the cover of a discounted vaporizer…

It struck me like an odd unsettling picture to place on a product you are actually trying to sell. But upon further review it’s not so odd at all. Look at the name of the vaporizer brand…notice the first five letters? D-E-V-I-L! and look closely, that “S” in “Steam” looks a lot like a devil’s tail to me!

Now notice how the model number is 1600, and the vaporizer holds 2 1/4 gallons. Well, if you take 1600 and you divide it by 2 you get 800, 1/4 of 800 is 200, then just add 466 to that, and what do you get??? That’s right! 666! The number of the beast! Is your mind blown yet?

Some may say this is all coincidence, well I have one more for the skeptical minds. The vaporizer claims to work for up to 18 hours. Is it coincidence too that 18 hours is the exact time it takes to travel to the deepest circle of hell in Dante’s Inferno?? Think about it!*

Vaporizer my ass, that’s not steam coming out of that thing, it’s the essence of forsaken souls!

*I haven’t necessarily really read Dante’s Inferno, but 18 hours should be about right, I’d think that’s the time frame Dante would definitely have used, probably.

(Originally Posted 2/20/07)

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