Sex, Drugs, and Comedy… not much sex though, or drugs… ok just Comedy.

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Carlos Valencia’s first time on stage was at a contest where the prize was a week-long booking on a cruise ship. He lost categorically and is still not allowed on a cruise ship, but since then he has performed in over 30 states from Washington to Florida in comedy clubs, colleges, theatres, casinos, boats, taverns, watering holes, churches, diners, coffee shops, prisons, military bases, bowling centers, back alleys, redneck bars, punk rock clubs, hip-hop joints, and heavy metal dives – with some of the biggest names in comedy – and on some of the most prestigious comedy festivals in the country.

Needless to say, Carlos drinks quite a bit. Based out of his car, Carlos has been traveling around the United States on his unofficial “Rest-stopping It Across America” Comedy Tour, scheduled to end when the Prozac runs out, or his liver gives in. Check out my tour dates and join me some time why don’t ya.

A lot of my fans complain they can’t see me perform nearly as much as they’d love to because I don’t have enough shows booked within a 12 hour driving distance from where they live. So for those fans I created the following recreation of what it is like to see me perform live. By just clicking on different parts of my body you can experience with amazing accuracy what it is like to be in the audience of one of my shows. Enjoy!!